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More of me on the web:

My RebBubble profile page for networking with other artists. You can also purchase much of my artwork here.


My DeviantART page for exposure and critique with other artists. You can also purchase my artwork here in an even greater variety of formats.


My Flickr page. At the moment, this is ONLY being used for showing friends and family work in progress not yet ready for a general audience. Create a Flickr account and let me know about it to be invited to view.


Various random places to visit:

Dave McKean Dave is what a modern artist should aspire to be. He works in every medium under the sun. He's commercial art. He's fine art. He's damn good and seems to have a blast doing it. This site is a good introduction to the work of this incredibly prolific and talented artist. Check it out, then rent "Mirrormask" wherever you can!

Brad Hitz Brad's work is awesome! Plus, how many photographers can do a wet plate, scan it into Photoshop, manipulate it, and then output 4 by 6 foot prints on watercolor paper?!

Alana Goldstein Alana was nice enough to take my picture for the bio page. Check out her other great shots.

The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art Helping to push digital art as serious Art, LACDA is the one gallery where you know you can get shown at their annual "Snap To Grid" show.

Dover Books A great publisher of books of yesteryear, Dover prints hundreds of books of resource materials for artists.

NASA Yes, it's the U.S. space agency. They take pictures of everything and then are nice enough to post them on their site, often as high resolution files. A great resource, just remember to give them credit and don't use their stuff for commercial purposes.

DeviantART Stock There are many deviantARTists who provide their photographic output as stock. A great resource.

stock.xchng Another great (free) stock photography resource.

Flaming Pear Software They make amazing (and affordable!) plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop. I despair at ever being able to try everything their stuff makes possible.

Artmatic The Modular Graphics Synthesizer you never knew you needed, but now can't live without. Who knew math could be so beautiful?

Filter Forge Build your own Photoshop filter, download someone else's, and/or modify it to suit your tastes.

Robert Maier [Robert's website is offline now, hoping he'll get a new one soon.] My second oldest brother does photography, Photoshop, 3D artwork, and jewelry. Oh, and he can fix just about anything. Truly a renaisance man, and the only one of my many talented siblings to have a website, hint, hint...


The three following pages should be required reading for all art students. They help make sense of it all while putting a smile on your face. I wish they had been around when I was in school!

How To Deconstruct Almost Anything - My Postmodern Adventure

Alan Sokal articles on the "Social Text" affair

Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity